AOPA Luxembourg

AERO 2022

We want to try something new at AOPA Luxembourg by organising a one-day flight to Aero Friedrichshafen 2022 for our members and their guests. AERO 2022 is Europe’s leading show for General Aviation. Details at The plan is to depart from Luxembourg on a chartered plane early in the …

Meaux Airshow

Dear member, We would like to invite you to join us for an incredible Air show: Meaux Air show ( The association « Les Ailes du Pays de Meaux », created in 2013 has already three air shows to its count. In 2022, “Groupe de Chasse des Normandie-Niémen” will celebrate …

AOPA Luxembourg Video

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AOPA Rally 2021 Video coverage

This year’s AOPA Rally took place on September 25th.

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AOPA Luxembourg Rally 2021

On September 25th the annual A.O.P.A. Luxembourg Rally is organized, not limited to A.O.P.A. members only. All pilots are invited to participate. Each crew consists of maximum two crew members. The task comprises navigation, precision landing, observation (identification of photos), theoretical questions and special tasks. There are bonus points when …