Nav – Refresher FLY – OUT Saturday June 10th 2023

Nav – Refresher FLY – OUT Saturday June 10th 2023

The Navigation – Refresher FLY – OUT gives an opportunity to all pilots to improve their knowledge in preparation and realisation of navigation flights. Especially pilots, getting their licence recently, have the chance to obtain more experience, routine and confidence in navigation flights, flying in a team with more experienced pilots.

Three legs will be flown, so that each pilot has the chance to fly one leg as PIC.

Briefing: Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th of June

19:00 hours Aéro – Sport Clubhouse

The Routing

Leg 1: Luxembourg – Bressaucourt LSZQ ca. 140 NM
Leg 2: Bressaucourt LSZQ – Troyes LFQB ca. 140 NM
Leg 3: Troyes LFQB – ELLX ca. 120NM

Flying to Switzerland and from Switzerland to France customs clearance will be mandatory. AOPA tries to find a solution to ease the procedure with the customs authorities.

Special conditions for ULM to fly to Switzerland, an entry permission is required. The process is not very complicated. All information can be found under the following link:

Time schedule

from 0800
Breakfast with ATC and weather briefing
( Findel Aéro-Sport )
0930Departure ( Findel; Zouffgen; Sterpenich )
1130 – 1215Bressaucourt LSZQ
PIC – change
appr 1400Departure Bressaucourt LSZQ
1530 – 1600Arrival Troyes LFQB
Coffee break
PIC – change
appr.. 1700Departure Troyes LFQB
1830 – 1915Arrival Luxembourg
After arrivalDebriefing and Finger food
( Findel Aéro-Sport )


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