AOPA Luxembourg

AOPA Luxembourg Membership Benefits

Being a member of AOPA Luxembourg provides significant benefits. First of all, the crewmember card gives various perks in the airports, such as discounts in duty free shops, restaurants and hotel (especially network hotels, located in the airport’s vicinity). A number of airports and handling agents provide reduced landing and handling fees. These discounts may vary but are quite significant. For example, a handler in Paphos airport (Cyprus) has provided a 50% discount for AOPA members. As of late 2019 (pre-COVID), airports in Greece, Portugal and Lithuania were confirmed to have discounts in place for AOPA members. The availability of discounts may vary, one must ask prior to arranging a flight (e.g. while filing the PPR). It may take just one or two landings to offset the value of a year’s membership!

Typically, a member can get their AOPA discount during checkout by entering your national AOPA member number and your name as recorded by your national AOPA.  Should one have any problems getting member number to validate, please contact national AOPA. They can help to verify it and if necessarily make sure it is active for the offer.

Furthermore, thanks to the IAOPA Global Membership benefits sharing program, since June 1, 2021, any member of participating IAOPA affiliate in Europe (including AOPA Luxembourg) has access to benefits negotiated by IAOPA.

This includes, among other deals:

  • As a main benefit, the Flight Training digital magazine will be delivered electronically directly to email inbox each month free of charge (normally a $59 cost)
  • Access to online safety and educational tools and resources on including Flight Training Premium content
  • Travel discounts including hotels and car rental discounts via the web page
  • Exclusive savings on a variety of other products and services through AOPA Partner programs at
  • Access to other future programs and discounts made available through AOPA USA partners
  • Jeppessen offers 15% discount on most products and services (renewed until August 2021)
  • TopMeteo 4 weeks free of charge use of European Super Package, plus 50% discount on any subscription for the first year and 25-30% for the following year[1]

You can apply for AOPA Luxembourg membership online.