AOPA Luxembourg

What is AOPA Luxembourg

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Luxembourg is part of the largest association of pilots in the world, with over 430,000 members in over 66 countries.

AOPA Luxembourg is a non-profit organization which exists to serve the interests of its members as aircraft owners and pilots, promoting the economy, safety, utility, and popularity of flight in general aviation aircraft. We cater for all pilots and owners of any kind of general aviation aircraft, including fixed-wing singles and twin piston and turbine, airships, helicopters, microlights, gliders, and balloons.

AOPA works for all aircraft owners and pilots, campaigning for better regulation within Luxembourg and Europe rather than just specialist needs of particular sections of aviation. We complement the work of representative organizations dealing with particular interests, such as gliding, homebuilts, vintage, warbirds, microlights, instrument rated pilots, business flying, instruction and the plethora of other methods of getting into the air.

AOPA Luxembourg provides the vital voice that speaks for the interests of Luxembourg pilots, for issues including and not limited to airspace access, aerodrome access, threats of aerodrome closure, pilot licensing, aircraft regulation, and flying costs. It speaks not only to the DAG authorities but to Europe and the rest of the world through IAOPA’s seat at ICAO.

AOPA has a long tradition of social events and organizes many fly-out’s to nearby and to the outskirts of Europe and beyond.

We love to see that our pilots and planes can fly !