AOPA Luxembourg

What does AOPA do for you?

AOPA speaks up in your favor whenever infrastructure or equipment changes or new requirements are about to occur or when new rules and regulations and procedures are to be introduced. Through its representation in international organizations dealing with institutional and regulatory issues affecting civil aviation, AOPA is frequently asked the question: What is your opinion? We appreciate this question, and we offer sound, professional advice and positions in the interest of General Aviation and the fairness in the skies.

AOPA Luxembourg comments: AOPA is always present, nationally and internationally, to comment and step in if necessary, i.e. if changes are likely to adversely influence general aviation operations.

AOPA is a member of all national commissions and working groups dealing with aeronautical issues.
AOPA has thus a direct influence on proposed rulemaking and legislation.

AOPA opposes decisions that violate international agreements or standards, or constitute a discrimination of General Aviation.

AOPA and the European arm of IAOPA are excellent partners in promoting GA/AW’s views, requirements. They coordinate opinions with the European authorities involved.

AOPA has access to ICAO, EASA, EUROCONTROL, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, JAA and other organizations operating world-wide through IAOPA. It thereby obtains first hand information and has the opportunity to influence developments at international levels.