AOPA Luxembourg

GA/AW’s needs are AOPA’s aims!

No other association of pilots and aircraft owners represents GA & AW in the same direct and competent manner as AOPA, both at national and international levels. GA/AW is the most important sector of civil aviation and its needs are as diverse as its activities.

General Aviation and Aerial Work encompasses:

  • pilot training, basic and advanced
  • recreational and sports flying
  • private and business travel
  • search and rescue services
  • agriculture and forestry air service
  • transport of goods
  • aerial survey and photo flights
  • experimental, development and scientific research flights

The ten strong points of AOPA / IAOPA:

  1. Participation and representation of GA & AW’s interest on a national and an international level, in important organisations such as ICAO, ECAC, Eurocontrol, JAA, European Commission and Parliament etc.
  2. Fight for free access of GA & AW to airports and against discrimination by taxes and fees.
  3. Considerable Discounts with Air Crew Card on insurances/legal protection, airline tickets, hotels, car rentals.
  4. International assistance for pilots in IAOPA members countries.
  5. Activity Reports and first hand news on General Aviation developments (Internet, UPL-NEWS Magazine).
  6. Improving Air Safety by AOPA’s Air Safety Seminars.
  7. Support to pilots in technical, legal and political GA & AW matters.
  8. Cooperation with flight schools, airport operators and partner organisations across the world.
  9. Direct data exchange between members/pilots via world wide GA & AW database: FLYMAN.
  10. Fly-Outs to less known and interesting areas, guided by UPL-AOPA.