AOPA Safety Seminar on Saturday, 04.02.2023

After the COVID-induced break, covered at times by our safety Webinar, the long awaited annual live AOPA Safety Seminar is back! As aviation enthusiasts, we are all convinced that the safety on flight is a primary concern. Different public or private organizations are trying to improve it every day by updating …

AERO 2022

We want to try something new at AOPA Luxembourg by organising a one-day flight to Aero Friedrichshafen 2022 for our members and their guests. AERO 2022 is Europe’s leading show for General Aviation. Details at The plan is to depart from Luxembourg on a chartered plane early in the …

AOPA Luxembourg Video

Discover our new AOPA Luxembourg video !

AOPA Rally 2021 Video coverage

This year’s AOPA Rally took place on September 25th.

Discover our exclusive video coverage of this event !