Luxembourg: Small in Size, Active at the IAOPA World Assembly in Washington, May 2024

Luxembourg: Small in Size, Active at the IAOPA World Assembly in Washington, May 2024

First IAOPA World Assembly since 2018

Peter Sodermans and Etienne Haumont will represent AOPA Luxembourg at the upcoming World Assembly in Washington from May 7th to 10th in Washingtyçn DC, marking the first such gathering since 2018. Peter, with his extensive background in government relations, will focus on regulatory and policy advocacy, particularly the Luxembourg drafted resolution for a moderniation of the LSA legislation in line with the upcoming MOSAIC legislation in the USA. Etienne, leveraging his financial expertise, will concentrate on developing a pan-European membership benefits program. As Luxembourg’s delegates, each brings specialized knowledge to their roles, complementing each other and enriching the discussions. Their participation highlights Luxembourg’s commitment to contribute to shaping global aviation policy, with a focus on technological advancements, regulatory challenges, and sustainable practices, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration among aviation leaders. We like to strenghthen as well the setup of IAOPA in Europe with an improved membership offering program.

Membership benefits : working on a Pan-European offering

Etienne Haumont, representing AOPA Luxembourg, is set to make significant contributions at the upcoming World Assembly in Washington. With a robust financial background, Haumont aims to forge a new pan-European membership benefits program, tailored to align the differing structures of AOPA in Europe and the USA. His presentation will delve into the diverse and less mature European landscape compared to the US, proposing quick wins for benefits improvement while also considering broader strategic questions. These include how AOPA should position itself within the crowded ecosystem of pilots and owners, the types of value offers to be made to members, and the expectations of potential partners and sponsors. Haumont’s approach, emphasizing community management and communication at a European level, will also underscore the necessity for future ambitions that are sustainable and supported by AOPA’s resources. His work promises to influence not only European AOPA entities but also to provide insights that could benefit other regions in enhancing community management and member benefits.

Resolution for the IAOPA World Assembly: Luxembourg proposal for a revision of the LSA EASA Aircraft Classification

In preparation for the upcoming IAOPA conference in Washington in early May 2024, AOPA Luxembourg, led by President Peter Sodermans, is set to introduce a significant proposal aimed at revolutionizing general aviation safety and innovation. We are presenting a comprehensive revision of the existing Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) classification under EASA to better align with international standards, including the MOSAIC regulations in the United States.

Background of the Initiative:

Despite its intentions to simplify operations and production, the current EASA LSA framework has faced challenges due to its complexity, high compliance costs, and stringent restrictions that have limited its practical benefits. This has led to a significant underutilization of the classification, making it less popular within the aviation community.

Our Proposal Objectives:

  1. Simplification of Certification Process: We aim to reduce the regulatory complexity and financial burdens on manufacturers and operators by streamlining the certification and compliance processes.
  2. Harmonization with Global Initiatives: By aligning the refreshed LSA classification with global standards like the MOSAIC regulations, we hope to facilitate easier adoption and operation across international borders.
  3. Enhanced Flexibility and Market Relevance: Adjustments in performance and capability restrictions are proposed to make the classification more appealing and applicable to a broader range of aircraft and operational needs.

Call to Action:

We urge the IAOPA and its member organizations to support this initiative at the upcoming ICAO meeting in Washington. Our proposed revisions to the LSA class are designed to address the current legislation’s shortcomings, enhancing the safety, efficiency, and global accessibility of light sport aviation.

As AOPA Luxembourg spearheads this initiative, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of aviation and advancing sustainable practices. This proposal represents a strategic opportunity to refresh LSA legislation, ensuring it meets current global standards and supports the continued growth and safety of the general aviation community. We look forward to discussing this proposal further at the IAOPA World Assembly

Luxembourg may be small in size as a country, but our delegates are active at the upcoming IAOPA World Assembly in Washington