Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally Flight 2018

Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally Flight 2018


Every year pilots from all over Europe fly together, over nice countries paying tribute to famous Austrian aviator Hans GUTMANN, who organized so many long-range trips. Jean BIRGEN, as technical adviser FAI-GAC and board member of UPL-AOPA, has taken initiative to organize the annual memorial long range rally. A team of individuals volunteered help in organization: Mikhail Kornev, secretary general and Artem Kirillov, project manager, Pierre Lorang, accommodation and Tourism.

The last rally of 2017 was from Luxembourg to Saint Petersburg (Russia), via Scandinavian and Baltic countries. 12 aircraft participated and made this event a success.

The 2018 rally is going to be in Eastern Europe, culminating in Venice, Italy. Proposed dates are from 13th till 22nd July 2018 under the partnership: “Luxembourg Let’s Make It Happen” and the International Aeronautical Federation, FAI-GAC.

The rally starting point is Luxembourg, or your own home base. First meeting point is Jakabzallas (LHJK) in Hungary, the famous Aerohotel. We are planning to visit the following destinations among the Easter European countries: Hungary (Jakabzallas), Moldova (Chisinau), Ukraine (Kiev), Romania  (Constanta), Bulgaria (Bourgas), Serbia  (Niš), Croatia (Zadar) and Italy  (Venice).

In order to meet your best wishes, we ask you if you are able to help us with your advice. If you are interested, need more information or you want to participate, please contact us



July 13th

Gather at Jakabszállás, Hungary (LHJK).

The Aero-hotel at Jakabszállás is a well-known place. Landing is free for hotel guests.

July 14th

Proceed from LJHK to Chisinau, Moldova (LUKK), outbound customs in Szeged (LHUD) or Debrecen (LHDC).

Customs service in LHUD is ca €40 per person. PPR is required for LUKK.

July 15th

Proceed from LUKK to Kiev, Ukraine (UKKK),

Artem KIRILLOV from our organizing committee met AOPA Ukraine representatives in Kiev earlier this week. AOPA Ukraine is helping us with Ukrainian segment of the rally. They suggested us to change the destination from Odessa to Kiev, citing prohibitive fees and poor experience in the past. The destination airport is Kiev Zhulyany. AVGAS is available in Kiev Zhulyany. Currently AOPA Ukraine is arranging us parking outside of main airport apron so we won’t be charged handling fees. Inbound customs should be done either in UKKK or in Vinnitsa UKWW.  The landing fees should be “reasonable”, ca €50 in each Ukrainian airport.

July 16th

Stay at Kiev.

The tourist program for 2 days stay in Kiev is under development. There are several options available – city tour, State aviation museum, Antonov production facility, etc.

July 17th

Proceed from UKKK to Constanta, Romania (LRCK).

Outbound customs should be done again in Vinnitsa to avoid higher custom fees in Kiev. Landing and handling at Constanta is ca €40

July 18th

Stay at Constanta. The program is under development.

July 19th

Proceed from LRCK to Nys, Serbia (LYNI).

Landing and handling plus parking is expected to be ca €60. LYNI has the cheapest AVGAS along our route.

July 20th

Proceed from LYNI to Zadar, Croatia (LDZD).

Landing and handling plus parking is expected to be ca €60.

July 21th

Proceed from LDZD to Venice Lido, Italy (LIPV)

Landing and handling plus parking is expected to be ca €10.

Please note that the above fees are approximate and valid for 172/182 class aircraft, not including any taxes. AIP for all destinations should be available via EUROCONTROL (we will publish information regarding flying in the Ukraine on our website as soon as it will be available)

Registration and inscription

An inscription fee of €200 per airplane is to be paid to the following account to confirm the registration:

Fun Travel  asbl
L-1110 Luxembourg-Findel
Bank: BGL BNP Paribas, IBAN   LU75 0030  8162  8766 0000 (EUR)


In addition, a participation fee of €200 per person has to be paid after the confirmation of acceptance.

Included in the fees are services of organization team, participants badges and ground transportation in all locations from airport to hotel and back.

All other fees (airport fees, hotels, meals) are expected to be by participants.

Due to slots for landing in UKKK, we may not admit more than 15 planes! We handle this on “first-in (on payment), first served”.

The organizational committee is happy to provide you with the first part of the hotels information for our trip to Hungary (Jakabszállás); Moldavia (Chisinau); Ukraine (Kiev); Romania (Constanta); [Bulgaria (Burgas)]; Serbia (Niš); Croatia (Zadar); Italy (Venice).

The hotels indicated in the list have the needed availability of rooms for our dates. A contingent of 25 rooms (10 double, 15 single) in each hotel is waiting for you to book your own rooms.

  • In some locations we show a more expensive (mostly **** or *****) and a lower budget option (*** or ****). In the locations with limited availability or good price/quality rates, only one option is shown.
  • All recommended hotels are in the city centre within walking distance of the key touristic places or close to the beach.
  • You can see the hotel information and pictures following the links to the hotel websites provided.
  • The rates shown are special rate prices agreed with the hotel for our group (and likely to be lower than rates you can find on other booking websites). All the agreed rates include breakfast.
  • In order to book your rooms out of the contingent, you need to send an e-mail indicating the identification code “Aéro-Sport Luxembourg” with the number of required rooms, type of rooms [single or double (one large bed) or twin (two beds)] and the full names of the guests for the different rooms. The hotel may ask for your credit card as guarantee for the booking (or, for some hotels, the partial payments).
    Please ask the hotel for a written booking confirmation to ensure that your reservation is properly received and booked. Please feel free to book via hotel websites, or via any online booking website if this was more convenient for you.
  • We encourage you to confirm bookings as soon as possible but LATEST before May 06th2018, as the hotels hold the rooms blocked for us only for this period and will use it on first come – first served.
    We will have to free the rooms that have not been booked out of the contingent by that date so that no additional fees will be charged to the organizational committee.
  • Even it is nice to stay altogether, if for any reason you don’t like the hotels on the list or have other preferences, there is no pressure from our side and you are free to book any other hotels at your wish.
  • For any changes or cancellations of your bookings, please contact the hotels directly and keep us informed. Some fees may be applicable.
    We suggest always the first hotel in the list for each side. It is where the organizational committee will have its headquarter.
  • After you have booked all the hotels, please kindly let the organizational committee know the names of the hotels where you will stay during the rally by sending an e-mail to with the subject “Hotel bookings MHGRF2018”.
  • You will get information about the hotels for Zadar and Venices.a.p.
Date Location Hotel name Room price Website of the hotel
single double
13/07 Jakabszállás
Airfield-Hotel EUR 40,00 EUR 50,00
14/07 Chisinau
Radisson BLU Leogrand ***** 2625,00 MDL
± 131,25 EUR
2940,00 MDL
± 147,00 EUR
Partial payment: 50% June 14th and 50% July 9th
Best Western Flowers *** 1260,00 MDL
± 63,00 EUR
1470,00 MDL
± 73,50 EUR
Cityhotel **** 128,00 EUR 144,00 EUR
Radisson BLU Hotel Kiev **** 100,00 EUR 120,00 EUR
Partial payment: 50% June 15th
Del Mar Mamaia **** 590,00 RON
± 126,60 EUR
590 RON
± 126,60 EUR
Partial payment: 50% July 1st
19/07 Niš
New City Hotel & Restaurant Niš **** 5600,00 RDS
± 47,50 EUR
6250,00 RDS
± 53,05 EUR
Partial payment: 50% July 1st
20/07 Zadar
Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera***** 2025,00 HRK
± 273.00 EUR
2025,00 HRK
± 343.00 EUR
Prepayment of EUR 2300 till MARCH 30th
Ilirija**** 1320,00 HRK
± 178 EUR
1750,00 HRK
± 235.00 EUR
21/07 Venice
No information yet  

Please wait for further information on hotels in Zadar & Venice!