Mid Summer Nights Saint Petersbug 2017

Mid Summer Nights Saint Petersbug 2017


15th – 25th June 2017


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Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally Flight 2017



Every year pilots from all over Europe fly together, across borders, over nice countries paying tribute to famous Austrian airman Hans GUTMANN, who organized so many longIrange trips in the previous decades, built his own airplanes and circumnavigated the world twice.

Jean  BIRGEN,  as  technical  adviser  FAIIGAC  and  board  member  of  UPLIAOPA,  has  taken initiative to organize the annual memorial long range rally. A team of individuals volunteered to help in organization: Mikhail Kornev, secretary general and Artem Kirillov, project manager.

The last rally of 2016 was from Luxembourg to Georgia. Pilots traveled over 4000 nautical miles from Europe to Georgia. Over 10 aircraft participated and made this event a success.

The 2017 rally, MID SUMMER NIGHTS, will take place in June 2017, from 15th to 25th June.
This year the rally route is going to be via the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, culminating in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


The rally starting point is Luxembourg, or your own home base. First meeting point is Aarhus (the European Culture Capital of 2014). Pilots are expected to gather on 15th June at Aarhus.

Three options are proposed:
A) Long range rally:

Luxembourg ELLX – Aarhus EKAH – Stavanger ENZV – Bergen ENBR* – Lecknes ENLK* – Helsinki EFHK* – Saint Petersburg ULLI*

B) Tourist rally:

Luxembourg ELLX – Aarhus EKAH – Stavanger ENZV – Bergen ENBR* – Helsinki EFHK* – Saint Petersburg ULLI*

C) Family rally:

family and friends of pilots arrive to Helsinki on 17.06 with regular airline flights, then take a night ferry to Saint Petersburg.

After meeting in Saint Petersburg, on 20.06 all the crews will proceed to Gdansk:
Saint Petersburg ULLI* – Tallinn EETN – Riga EVRA – Minsk UMMS – Kaunas EYKA – Gdansk EPGD*
In Gdansk we meet the first elected President, Mr. Lech WALESA, during our final gala closing dinner.


Dear Presidents, members and friends,

Below is our provisional routing. The locations noted with asterisks (*) are fixed, everything else in between are free for proposals and discussions. You can help us with good ideas, and the information on landing, handling, parking, fuel prices, ground transportation options and local attractions is very much appreciated.

Secretary general

Project manager

Technical adviser FAIIGAC

If you are interested in participating, please contact us at info@hansgutmannrally.eu