20 years ago, almost like making a joke, Beatrice and Thierry started an event, becoming a beautiful tradition: one of the biggest aeronautical events of the year in France. Yes, we are talking about the Fly IN Saint Yan. One of the favourite events of those loving noise, rare planes, meeting other aviation fans and pick-nicks under the wings. 

This year, the 20’s anniversary will be celebrated at the airfield of Saint Yan (LFLN) the weekend of 12th of June. The organizers decided to make a big and memorable birthday with a dream program (RAFALE SOLO DISPLAY, SPTFIRES, DOUGLAS and many more amazing airplanes and their pilots but also aerobatics, and ULM).  

Luxembourg is this year again Guest of Honour as last year the weather didn’t allow many to join. 

For more information check the meeting website and the flyer.

Some of our members have already booked a room at the Hotel Saint Benoit (Facebook),7 rue du Port, F-71130 Gueugnon, (+/- 25 km from the Saint Yan airfield – a bus will be made available by the organisation of the event to shuttle to the airfield) Telephone: +33 (0)3 85 85 23 23 where a limited number of rooms are still available (first come, first served; Single room: 55€/night; double room :75€/night, breakfast: 8€ per person).

If you would like to participate, you are invited to:

  1. Book your hotel;
  2. Let the organisers: Ms Béatrice de Reynal and her Saint Yan FLY’IN team, know you are coming by Registering and entering your plane details  here (at zero cost), and signing up for the shuttle;
  3. Inform AOPA Luxembourg you plan to attend by sending us an email with your name, email address and a phone number 8also zero cost).


Tuesday 08.06

6.30 pm: Flight Briefing per videoconference for AOPA Luxembourg participants

Friday 11.06

Afternoon:  Reception of the Airmen crews, training flights 

First airman crews flying in

7 pm:  Aperitif and Pilot’s dinner (25€ – wine included)

Aviators Flea Market: Aero flea market and exchange: bring your old things: plane parts or instruments, objects, documents, toys … only related to aeronautics. (Label your objects with name, phone and desired price).  Entrust tour items to the Fly-In volunteers. Free access flea market.

Saturday 12.06

Second batch ofcrews flying in the morning hours. (make sure to arrive early)

Airfield open to the public at 10am LT

Possibility of having a picnic before the big show

Air show from 14:00 LT till 19:00LT

7 pm: Aperitif and Pilot’s dinner at the main hangar (35€ – wine included)

11pm: taxi or shuttle bus to delegation’s hotel

Sunday 12.06

After breakfast, shuttle bus to the airfield

Departure for all flight crews

All details concerning arrivals, refueling, health and safety rules, etc are on the website of the organisers and of the sole responsibility of the participants.


DISCLAIMER: AOPA LUXEMBOURG points out that the above information is provided for information purposes only. AOPA LUXEMBOURG, its employees, directors, officers, agents, subsidiaries or affiliates (“AOPA LUXEMBOURG Parties”) are neither directly nor indirectly involved in the organisation of the 2021 FLY’IN & MEETING IN SAINT YAN (the “Event”).

AOPA LUXEMBOURG Parties, shall in no way be liable for any claim, demand, loss, injury, expense or liability, whether direct or indirect, of any kind whatsoever which in any way directly or indirectly arises out of or is connected with the organisation of the Event.

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