Extension of Authorizations and Medical Certificates as a Result of Covid-19

Extension of Authorizations and Medical Certificates as a Result of Covid-19

Disclaimer: This information can change at any time. Only the publications of Direction de l’Aviation Civile Luxembourg are binding.

The Coronavirus situation presents additional problems for General Aviation. Private aviation, being part of General Aviation is also affected by the paralysis of public life.

The Covid-19 pandemic means that, for purely practical reasons, many authorizations and medical certificates cannot be renewed  timely and risk to expire. In Luxembourg GA activity is temporarily banned, check flights are not possible, check-ups at the AME medical officer may not be practical, to name just a few.

Since EASA coordinates the efforts of the countries in Europe to solve this problem, IAOPA as well as AOPA Luxembourg were actively involved from the outset and worked on a solution of this problem. The aim was and is, to find an understandable, simple and uniform regulation of how the validity of the authorizations etc. can be maintained or extended. EASA cannot do this itself, because that is up to the sovereignty of the Member States. After some discussions and iterations, EASA created a “template” for issuing an “emergency ordinance extension” and sent it to the respective national authorities, also to the Direction de l‘Aviation Civile of Luxembourg. In fact, what sounds simple is much more complicated. It is important to take into account all permissions and also to differentiate between commercial and private flights.

The DAC implemented and published the EASA template, in a second phase also for non-commercial licenses and ratings. The text is not easy to understand and with many references, but it only reflects what the laws and EASA stipulate. We cannot interpret the text; for Luxembourg – DAC is the only reference for this. Among others, PPL (A) and CPL (A) pilots for private flights, are dealt with the procedure outlined here:

All class and type ratings (such as SEP, MEP, MOU, IR etc.) will be extended by 4 months, or until the end of the exemption period. For this purpose, an instructor who holds relevant instructional privileges must brief the pilot in order to refresh the required level of knowledge to safely operate the applicable class or type and to safely carry out the relevant manoeuvres and procedures, as applicable. That briefing shall include class – or type – specific abnormal and emergency procedures, as appropriate. All this to be endorsed on a form. This completed form together with the template must be carried on every flight. After the Covid-19 conditions have normalized again, this form should be submitted to the DAC at the later re-validation or renewal together with the usual documents.

Language Proficiency, medical certificates and flight instructor licenses will also be extended. Medical certificates only for those without limitations, except visual ones.

For all other pilots (LAPL, helicopter, glider, balloon, etc.) the measures are similar.

AOPA Luxembourg welcomes the present solution which is very helpful for general aviation and for private pilots. Many thanks to the DAC for the quick action.

AOPA Luxembourg nevertheless regrets, that implementation of the measures varies from member state to member state, instead of having a uniform European approach to the common problem.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@aopa.lu .

Reinhard Krommes
Secretary General
AOPA Luxembourg