UPL-AOPA Membership

UPL-AOPA Membership

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To help you get more value of your UPL-AOPA membership, UPL-AOPA is working with industry partners to secure special discounts and benefits for members. Through a recent agreements, UPL-AOPA members can now take advantage of the following discounts:


– Jeppesen offers a 15% discount (limited to August 31, 2019) for the following products: paper charts, electronic charts (JeppView, JeppView MFD), mobile apps (Mobile FliteDeck, Mobile FliteDeck VFR), Jeppesen PilotPak for Garmin G1000 or GTN Series, EASA Training Products

To order, please contact Jeppesen at fra-services@jeppesen.com mentioning your name and member card number.


– AirShampoo.DE offers a discount for a book of landing coupons valid in 80 airfields in Germany, Austria and Denmark. The AirShampoo Landing coupon booklet pays for itself after only a few landings. More information and list of participating airports can be found at https://www.airshampoo.de/udpage.php?&slid=1&pageid=50

To order, please use the following link: https://www.cleverbridge.com/271/uurl-5yfoox1zun Discount code: 1TE-TYQ-NL8

MTX Connect

– MTX Connect (http://www.mtxc.eu), a mobile operator specializing in services for travelers, offers UPL-AOPA members a 20% discount. MTX Connect offers a flat rate mobile internet plan that work in 90 countries around the world, allowing to save on roaming costs.

To take advantage of your discount, please contact help@mtxc.eu after registration mentioning AOPA and provide your member card number

Expect more partners to be added later this year.

Furthermore, we have got a couple of proposals for group buys on air navigation products and we would like to gauge interest

– EasyVFR products by PocketFMS (https://www.pocketfms.com/easyvfr/). We’ve got a preliminary offer for 30% discount for both initial and renewing licenses.

– SkyDemon flight planning software (https://www.skydemon.aero). We’ve got an offer for 30% discount for UPL-AOPA members, however it is limited only to the initial subscriptions and does not include renewals.

Please share your opinion with us (partnerships@upl-aopa.com) indicating whether you’d be interested in participaing in a group buy of EasyVFR and/or Skydemon licenses.

Other advantages our members benefit from

– FREE annual safety seminar. As UPL-AOPA is committed to further improve flight safety, it organizes this annual events and invites experienced pilots, instructors and officials from organizations such as DAC, Eurocontrol, etc. to train the seminar’s participants and share information related to flight safety. This seminar is open for all the interested pilots at a cost and it’s free for UPL-AOPA members.

– FREE Navigation Refresher event. The Navigation Refresher Flyout offers an opportunity to all pilots to improve their knowledge in preparation and realization of navigation flights. Especially pilots, getting their license recently, have the chance to obtain more experience, routine and confidence in navigation flights, flying in a team with more experienced pilots. Instructors are available for student pilots who want participate. There is a briefing before the event and typically a few legs of 100-150NM are flown.

– The organization of several fly-outs to EU member states as well as beyond the EU borders to which UPL-AOPA members can participate either for free or at cost tariff. Typically there are 4-5 fly-out organized with the support of UPL-AOPA per year, with distances ranging from under 1000 to over 4000NM. Please refer to the calendar on UPL-AOPA website.

– Discounted participation in Pinch Hitter course that is designed to help non-pilots be aware of pilot’s tasks (and combat the fear of flying). The objective of this course is to fully prepare students to confidently perform duties as an emergency replacement pilot by becoming proficient in air-work, navigation, communication, takeoffs and landings. The course was elaborated by the AOPA Air Safety Foundation and is not only successfully held in Luxembourg, but also in many other Member States of the IAOPA.

– FREE participation at annual UPL-AOPA rally in September

– FREE VFR maps

– FREE mailings sent out on a regular basis

– FREE comprehensive yearbook

– Active Twitter account (@AOPAluxembourg) with several hundreds of aviation related messages a year

– A GENERAL ASSEMBLY every winter with a Pilot’s dinner