Luxembourg Airspace Change

Luxembourg Airspace Change

Date of effect

10th March 2011

Administration de la Navigation Aérienne





Airspace Change 1

The boundary between TMA 1B (northern part) and TMA 1A (southern part)

Airspace Change 2


The delegated airspace overhead German territory will be extended to the East (3-4 NM)

  • TMA 2A – TMA 2F (Class G < 1000′ AGL < Class E < FL100)

The TMA overhead Luxembourg territory will be split in 2 main segments

  • TMA 1A: 2500′ – FL165 (Class D < FL95 < Class C)
  • TMA 1B: 3500′ – FL145 (Class D < FL95 < Class C)

Please refer to the official sources for additional information. The maps shown on this page cannot be seen as official navigation sources.