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AOPA Luxembourg Newsletter May 2022




Welcome to the AOPA Luxembourg Newsletter


In this issue:

•    AOPA General Assembly 2022 – Live Again
•    Save the Date: Nav-Refresher
•    Save the Date: Fly Out to Meaux Airshow
•    SSave the Date Now! Mountain Flying Annecy 2-4 September 2022
•    Biscarosse Seaplane Meeting 28 and 29 May 2022
•    St Yan Fly-In and Airshow

•    Genk-Zwartberg EBZW Fly-In

AOPA General Assembly 2022 - Live Again

After our virtual General Assembly last year, we got together in real life again. Our well known meeting place at Namur in Hamm gave us a friendly welcome as it used to be.
The new board elected was set up as seen below:
President:                       Peter Sodermans 
Secretary General:         Marina Paralingova 
Treasurer:                      Shahriar Agaajani
Vice president:               Nico Bannasch
Vice president:               Chris Berens-Scott
Members:                       Bernard Frechen
                                       Mikhail Kornev
                                       Reinhard Krommes 
                                       Guy Zenner 
Co-opted board members:
                                       Jean Birgen (Advisor)
                                       Marco Felten (Member management)

Save the Date: NAV Refresher 2022

Saturday, 11th June 2022 the NAv refesher takes place again:

The Navigation - Refresher FLY - OUT gives an opportunity to all pilots to improve their knowledge in preparation and realisation of navigation flights. Especially pilots, getting their licence recently, have the chance to obtain more experience, routine and confidence in navigation flights, flying in a team with more experienced pilots.
Three legs will be flown, so that each pilot has the chance to fly one leg as PIC.

Briefing: Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th of June
19:00 hours Aéro – Sport Clubhouse
The Routing
Leg 1: Luxembourg - Midde Zeeland EHMZ ca. 150 NM
Leg 2: Midde Zeeland EHMZ – Genk-Zwartenberg EBZW ca. 120 NM
Leg 3: Genk-Zwartenberg EBZW - ELLX ca. 100NM

For registration use attached form or contact

Save the Date: Meaux Airshow 

We would like to invite you to join us for an incredible Air show: Meaux Air show
The association « Les Ailes du Pays de Meaux », created in 2013 has already three air shows to its count.
In 2022, “Groupe de Chasse des Normandie-Niémen” will celebrate 80 years since its creation with a lot of surprises as wing walkers or the biggest Yak patrol never seen in France.
The air show is planned for the 10.07.2022 and we are offering you to join us for the weekend.

For more and registration check here:



Biscarosse Seaplane Meeting 28 and 29 May 2022

Check out here:


Save the Date Now! Mountain Flying Annecy 2-4 September 2022

Time flies and the weekend of 2nd to 4th September the legendary AOPA Mountain Flying in Annecy is coming up again. Save the Date and hang on tight for the invitation coming.

Saint Yan Fly-In and Airshow 2022

You are all invited to the Fly-In, the gathering of airplanes in the pure tradition of aviators.

 For the 21st Fly-In Saint YAN of JACQUES (LFLN) in synergy with the taildragger club of Paray le Monial (LFGN) on  the weekend of Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June.

Guests of Honor in 2022: The Canard Airplanes of Europe.


Registration is open on the website:


Genk-Zwartberg EBZW Fly-In

Check out here:



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