For Sale: TB20

Dear pilots, dear friends!
As you know, everything in life goes to an end … in my case, it is at a first stage my medical, and more or less at the same time, the motor of our LX-SAR with 1200 hours.
Gilbert, my associate and partner in LX-SAR has world-wide commitments and not enough time to spend with flying.
After about 3350 hours of flight, wherein very interesting trips and tours all over Europe and even beyond, we would like to hand over the keys of LX-SAR to an active pilot.
That’s why we would like to sell, a part of 25%, 33%, 50% or 75% or, if you would wish, 100% of our loved TB20.
We would be glad if the LX-SAR (completely IFR equipped, a superb travel aircraft, 145 kts, 5 seats, always hangered) could stay in Luxembourg and maybe me and Gilbert could from time to time fly it ourselves or just join for a journey.
We are sure we will find an agreement on the price.
I will miss my journeys and organizations!


Jängi Birgen
office: +352 42 30 32 1
mobile : +352 621 240 140

Gilbert Poitiers
office: +352 43 11 34
mobile: +33 6 73 14 35 23